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Murphy NC
My name is William “Roy” Pipes; I was born in the Peachtree Community of Murphy and Cherokee County, North Carolina. My Grandfather Rufus Pipes moved his family from Wilkes County, North Carolina about 1904 to Peachtree, and we have been here pretty much since. After high school, I joined the Navy... click here for more

About the Town, of Murphy, NC, located in the Western North Carolina foothills!
Murphy, North Carolina in the Western North Carolina Foothills of the Appalachian Mountains In the early morning hours, with the cool air still crisp and inviting, in the Appalachian Mountain foothills.    Your first hint of the outstanding beauty of the area, might just be the foggy clouds lifting back to... click here for more

Guest Writer- English Stone-HorseBack riding in the Georgia Mountains!
 This article was sent via email to me by English.   He and his wife Becky recently went horseback riding in the Georgia Mountains, only minutes away from Murphy, NC.  English is a Farrier, and his wife Becky is a Veterinarian, in Cherokee County, NC.The photos were taken by English and... click here for more

Agency Relationships in Real Estate in Murphy, North Carolina
A Buyer/ Dual / Sellers Agency for Real Estate in Murphy, North Carolina Like most states, North Carolina, has an established Real Estate Commission to govern and address the concerns of the Consumers in real estate transactions. One of their functions, is to make and regulate real estate laws governing... click here for more

Carshow at Brothers Restaurant in Murphy, NC. located in the Western North Carolina Mountains
May 6, 2011...What a beautiful Friday evening in Murphy, NC.    Last night Brothers Restaurant held a carshow for the benefit of the American Cancer Society Relay.   Cars of all types, styles, models and year showed up for previewing by the crowd, and some very unique motorcycles.   Live entertainment from two bands,... click here for more

For Sale By Owner
Are you an owner, looking for a productive web site to place your home for sale ad on. ?   Why not try ours....For $50.00 per month, with a 3 month minimum, you can send us  2 photos and a write up by email, and we will place your home in... click here for more

Curb Appeal: Staging for Streetview
Curb Appeal: Staging for Streetview Curb appeal today means Web appeal, because if a house doesn't look good online, it won't attract all the buyers it could. By Robert Freedman | February 2009 No, you can't stage a listing for Street View, Google's street-level snapshots of communities around the country.... click here for more

First Time Buyers Tax Credit
The Basics: 2009 First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Bringing the Dream of Homeownership Within Reach As part of its plan to stimulate the U.S. housing market and address the economic challenges facing our nation, Congress has passed legislation that grants a tax credit of up to $8,000 to first-time home... click here for more

Stagin on a Budget
Staging on a Budget What's your best, most affordable staging idea? Dozens of real estate pros offer their best tips. By Melissa Dittmann Tracey | March 2009 REALTOR® Magazine asked readers of our Daily Real Estate News e-mail to send in their best tips for sprucing up listings on the... click here for more

Can Color Cost You a Sale?
Can Color Cost You a Sale? Use Color Psychology on Your Listings - The science behind color can guide your color decisions. By Melissa Dittmann Tracey | February 2009 Use Color Psychology for Your Listings 4 Steps to Selecting a Color Use the Color Wheel to Mix & Match Take... click here for more

Kitchen and Bath Design Trends
Kitchens and Bath Design Trends In the most important rooms of the house, designs that incorporate the latest trends will surely grab buyers' attention. By Mariwyn Evans | February 2009 Incorporating the Latest Styles Trends With Staying Power 4 Rehab Must Dos 5 Retrofits Buyers Love 5 Kitchen, Bath Features... click here for more

10 Ways to Make Your House Greener
10 Ways to Make Your House Greener Everybody's talking about the importance of eco-friendly living. We found some of the coolest and smartest products - at every price point - to help home owners do their part for the environment. By Wendy Cole | February 2009 Smokefree Fireplace As chic... click here for more

New Day at the Cherokee Co. Health Department, Murphy, NC.
Cherokee County Health DepartmentVsThe Real Estate Industry in Murphy, NC.I am positive that anyone, who has bought, sold, or worked in the Real Estate industry in any manner over the last 3 years, has been frustrated with the Cherokee County Health Department. A major back log in septic permits, an... click here for more

A True American (in Murphy North Carolina)
A "True" AmericanBeing a true American, doesn't have anything to do with race, relegion, or creed.Being a "true" American is a spiritual endorsement. The spirit, of Freedom, of Justice, and,, the Pursuit of Happiness. The right to bear arms , and live peacefully with all men and women, no matter... click here for more

Real Estate Investments- Beginning to End, Murphy NC
Its always a hard decision to know when you are getting the best and most profitable price you are going to get for a purchase. I can remember when you could buy a piece of bubble gum for a penny. Did that make it a good deal? Not necessarily, everyone was... click here for more

Restaurants in and around the Murphy, NC. area
Arby's 1193 Hwy. 64Murphy, NC 28906Phone: 828-835-8322Email: restmgmt@aoc.comBlimpie 2330 Hwy. 19Murphy, NC 28906Phone: 828-835-9150Brother's Restaurant5722 Hwy. 64 WestMurphy, NC 28906828-835-9100 Burger King1510 Andrews RoadMurphy, NC.   28906 Phone: 828-837-3636 Captain D's580 Hwy. 64 WestMurphy, NC 28906Phone: 828-837-9388Web: Cole House Fine Dining1219 E. Main StreetAndrews, NC 28901Phone: 828-321-0874Fax: 484-726-7546Email: eat@cole-house.comWeb: Door950 Highway 64... click here for more

Home Rehab Remodeling for Homes for Sale in Murphy, NC.
Many Happy Returns for Home Rehabs Remodeling magazine's annual report shows that maintenance-related projects and moderately priced upgrades are providing stable paybacks, even in a slower market. By G.M. Filisko | December 2008 Despite home price drops in many cities, remodeling projects are holding their own as a way for... click here for more

Appliance Longevity-Homes for sale in Murphy NC
Appliance Longevity: How Long Should It Last? Find out how long those kitchen appliances, flooring, fixtures, and more should really last. By Melissa Dittmann Tracey | February 2009 Replacing a home’s windows, appliances, or roofing can be pricey. So knowing approximately how long before the refrigerator is likely to stop... click here for more

Cherokee County Maps
Want to purchase a Cherokee County Map prior to coming to the area. Send $10.00 for shipping/handling/ service charge to Timberwood Mountain Realty,5593 Hwy. 64 W., Murphy, NC.   28906  and we will send one out to you ASAP.   Be familiar with the area before you get here.   Call anytime   1-800-380-6806   ... click here for more

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