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Guest Writer- English Stone-HorseBack riding in the Georgia Mountains!


This article was sent via email to me by English.   He and his wife Becky recently went horseback riding in the Georgia Mountains, only minutes away from Murphy, NC. 

English is a Farrier, and his wife Becky is a Veterinarian, in Cherokee County, NC.
The photos were taken by English and Becky of the area in which they were camping.  For those of you wanting more photos, I added some under the property section titled English and Becky.   There were too many to put the all on the site with the article.


I thought I would email some pictures of some trail riding we did in Georgia this past weekend. We went to a place called Jake Mountain and camped in a primitive camping area. There was no electricity, water, etc, just good old fashion woods! The weather was excellent and there were still a few trees left with colorful leaves on them. The extremely blue skies accented the leaves making the few there were stand out all the more.

There was more water than usual in the creeks. Our trail dog had to literally swim across several creeks to get across. He is an old pro at creek and river crossing now days, not hesitating to jump right in! The trails were not slick although there had been a lot of rain several days prior to our arrival. The horse riding club in the area has done a heck of a lot of work on the trails to keep them in good shape.

There are a lot of deer in this forest. We usually see a deer on the back of someone's truck when we ride in November. This trip we saw a seven pointer that had been field dressed. I usually ask if I can get a picture but with our politically correct populace these days, it isn't always good to ask a hunter if you can photograph their trophy. They are afraid you might be some tree hugger wanting to put the picture on the internet to make the hunters look evil. I can understand their concern.

The horses have winter coats now and that got them warm pretty quick once you started riding. I guess the cold creek water felt good to them because once we got in the middle of a creek they wanted to just stop and stand awhile.

It is raining here today. The rain started last night and has been heavy off and on all day. The rest of the week is supposed to be clear. The places I was supposed to shoe horses today had to be rescheduled because of mud and no barn to work under. I wanted to work my "unbroke" horse since I am home today but the round pen is way too soft and slick. I imagine the old boy might slip and slide right under the panels!

Hope you enjoy the pictures!


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