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Appliance Longevity: How Long Should It Last?

Find out how long those kitchen appliances, flooring, fixtures, and more should really last.
By Melissa Dittmann Tracey | February 2009

Replacing a home’s windows, appliances, or roofing can be pricey. So knowing approximately how long before the refrigerator is likely to stop working or the roof might spring a leak can have value to buyers and home owners.

Buyers may want to factor in replacement costs for aging components when they make an offer. Owners can use the information to decide whether to replace a component before a move. Now, a new study by the National Association of Home Builders provides some insight that can help your clients estimate the average useful life of more than 100 household appliances and building materials.

The true longevity of any household material depends on maintenance, use, quality of installation, and climate conditions, so use these averages as a general guide. The NAHB report still beats asking handy Uncle Fred.

100 Years or More

Brick siding: Lifetime of the home

All wooden floors: Lifetime of the home

Cellulose insulation material: 100-plus years

50-100 Years

Slate, copper, and clay and concrete roofs: 50+ years

Copper gutters: 50+ years

Kitchen cabinets: Up to 50 years

Modified acrylic kitchen sinks: 50 years

Vinyl floors: 50 years

30-50 Years

Thermostats: 35 years

Wooden windows: 30 years

Wood shake roofs: 30 years

French interior doors: 30–50 years

10-20 Years

Built-in audio system: 20 years

Aluminum windows: 15–20 years

Asphalt shingle roofs: 20 years

Faucets, kitchen sinks: 15 years

Gas ranges: 15 years

Cultured marble countertops: 20 years

Dryers and refrigerators: 13 years

Air conditioning units: 10–15 years

Lighting controls: 10+ years

Interior and exterior paints: 15+ years

Electric or gas water heaters: 10 years

Air conditioners: 10–15 years

Furnaces: 15–20 years

5-10 Years

Security systems: 5–10 years

Heat and smoke detectors: 5–10 years

Dishwashers: 9 years

Microwave ovens: 9 years

Carpet: 8–10 years

Access the full report (PDF) and view a complete list of products reviewed in the study.

Reprinted from REALTOR (R) Magazine Online, http://www.realtor.org/realtormag
February 2009, with permission of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS (R). Copyright February 2009.  All right reserved.

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