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About the Town, of Murphy, NC, located in the Western North Carolina foothills!

Murphy, North Carolina in the Western North Carolina Foothills of the Appalachian Mountains

In the early morning hours, with the cool air still crisp and inviting, in the Appalachian Mountain foothills.    Your first hint of the outstanding beauty of the area, might just be the foggy clouds lifting back to the sky from their earth bound early morning Trist of galloping, in the rolling hollers of the mountains. Their smoky shapes and accents, beautiful and mysterious, as the sun begins to glisten over the tops of the rolling peaks. So ethereal, you might just think that Heaven has truly come to live among us.

As the sun crest the top of the mountains, and flows over the valleys, you are impressed with the outstanding beauty and quiet reflective peace that only the Appalachian Mountains can bring.

The area is slowing and quietly growing. Over the years, the population has increased consistently, yet the beauty has never changed. From the tops of the mountains, to the clear streams flowing rapidly over the rocks, the Appalachian Mountain foothills of Murphy North Carolina, ever present themselves with a glowing radiant calm beauty, of serenity and peacefulness.

A rural mountain town, located between the tri state areas of Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee, this small community offers the “city sophistication” of available restaurants, white water rafting, horse back riding, our own theatre, and other community events. Yet maintains, it small town, “first name basis” culture, of rural America.

If, you are fortunate enough to arrive in town on a Tuesday morning, you can enjoy a walk through the “flea market”, filled with produce stands, rummage sales, miscellaneous mountain crafts and gift items being sold, and most importantly…..the warm friendly atmosphere of a mountain get together. Occasionally, you might even get to hear some pick’n on the guitar, or a banjo playing, but, most importantly, you get a “breath of fresh mountain air” away from the hustle and bustle of city living. If you can stay until the weekend, you can again experience the rush of the market with another gathering of
local entrepreneurs at the Hwy.19/129 flea market. A little larger, it is filled with many more items, and vendors present, yet complete with a great nostalgic country charm appeal. Enjoy an ice cream cone, a piece of home fudge, or stop and take rest at the small country restaurant located inside this effervescent community, of mountain locals, and adoptees.

Since the early 90’s this rural mountain town has caught the attention of an influx of people wanting to relocate from various areas, but, especially Florida. Blessed with a great year round climate, and four distinct seasons, Murphy, offers a great relief from the heat and pavement pounding, of southern Florida.

The area abounds with plenty of outside activity. Horse back riding, kayaking, canoeing, hiking, swimming, boating, and fishing,

Rich with heritage, warm with hospitality, and bursting with growth, you will enjoy your trip, to this lovely rural mountain town. Blessed with a culture rich in the influence of the “Bible Belt”, most of the locals still believe in giving “their word”, and in keeping it.

The town of Murphy, is actually very small, but, is located in an area of the Western North Carolina mountains, that gives you easy access to Atlanta, GA., Knoxville, TN., Asheville, NC., and Chattanooga, TN. This is true small town country living, with big city access, just a short convenient easy distance away.

 For those of you, who don’t really want a large mall to shop in, Murphy, has a Super Wal-Mart, a large Ingels Grocery, Lowe’s and an Ace Hardware. Plus, many other small business, ready to serve and assist you with your needs.

Murphy Medical Center, offers an ever expanding out patient facility, and in house nursing care area.  Fully equipped with an outstanding ICCU unit, Emergency Room, Radiology Unit, and other needed medical facilities. In the town of Murphy, we now have a new Dialysis Unit.

Education is an important part of this lovely community. Each area has its own small country school that overflows with parent involved sports events as well as academic and fun activities. Now you too, can be involved in the lives of your children on a regular basis.

Murphy has also been blessed with our own Community College. Tri-State Community College offers many courses for those wanting to expand their education, seek a degree, or  for those looking to learn a new skill. The campus, is close to the hospital, and John C. Campbell Folk School.

The John C. Campbell Folk School, is designed to teach native arts and crafts to those visitors of the area, wanting to learn new skills in crafting. From Folk Lore, to basket weaving, square dancing, and blacksmithing, this outstanding facility, will truly enrich your stay in the mountains.

In the most recent year, Murphy has had a new Dancing and Dining facility open in the area, complete with stocked bar.  Whether you are looking for day time activities, evening dancing and dining or, just plain ole relaxation....the mountains of Murphy, North Carolina located in Western North Carolina Appalachian foothills, has it all!   Come on up!!   Stay a while!!  

What more could one person desire??? Views, clear streams, friendly people, crafts, education, medical, and evening entertainment……Murphy North Carolina located in the Appalachian Mountain foothills of Western North Carolina has it all!!

Call today! We’ll be glad to help you with all of your Real Estate needs….Call Anytime! Phones transferred every evening…..1-800-380-6806.

Come to the mountains!! You’ll be glad you did!

Copyrighted by Sherry McGregor March 28, 2009




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