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New Day at the Cherokee Co. Health Department, Murphy, NC.

Cherokee County Health Department
The Real Estate Industry in Murphy, NC.

I am positive that anyone, who has bought, sold, or worked in the Real Estate industry in any manner over the last 3 years, has been frustrated with the Cherokee County Health Department.

A major back log in septic permits, an increase in the cost of those permits, a change in procedures to obtain and the issuing of those permits has caused any person trying to buy or sell or build a new home, a lot of grief over the last few years. Even to the point, sometimes, of causing us to loose revenue because of the inability to get the job accomplished.

Well, I am here to tell you, it’s a New Day!

Recently another agent and I sold a property that required not only one septic permit but, two. When I went to get the application, I already knew up front, that I would be required to get a signed notarized statement from the owners requiring that I be able to help obtain that permit, and pick it up, so that part wasn’t new to me and I was prepared.

I can honestly say, when I ask and was told it would take 2.5 months or so, to get those permits. I was not happy about it, and instantly, stated that to the lady at the window.
That could have been the end of the story, but, it wasn’t.

Instead of getting down about it and angry, I continued working and getting together the required information. After getting all the paperwork together, I took the forms and the Buyers checks to the Health department. There were still changes, in the paperwork, but, the difference was, that Dot helped me. She was patient, kind, and generous in sharing her time to help get the job done. I gave her a copy of the OPC which now allows priority for those in need of a permit when involved in a closing transaction.

Within a few days, one of the sanitarians called me and we were on the road to getting the work accomplished. I could end the story there, and leave it, but, the best is yet to come.

It wasn’t more than just a few days, and the owner of the property called and said “the health department is here.” Of course, very excited about the fact that the wait had been DAYS instead of MONTHS, I rushed to the property. The Health department crew, was polite, professional, patient, knowledgeable and helpful in obtaining the permits. They went out of their way to return the same day to the property, to reevaluate the soil once we had holes dug. We could have not ask for a more personable group of young men to work with. I was amazed at the knowledge that these young people had about the different soils, and the sincerity of their commitment to their responsibilities and profession. Never once, were they smart with us, nor uncaring, nor egotistical. The whole process was comfortable, and friendly. They went out their way to help us with our time factor, patient while we performed our part of the commitment, and expedient in getting the finalized documents. Kelly Hopkins of Remax and I met with them on the 17th of June, and by June 23rd, we had our permits.

From beginning to end, the whole process was professional, pleasant, and efficient.

So hang in there folks, things are looking up! There is an old saying that a friend told me one day when she saw me at the grocery store, with all four of my children under the age of 6, in the shopping cart. I was only about 25 -26 years old, and routinely took my children with me. She came up patted me on the shoulder and said “This too will pass.”

The septic crisis has passed…and with it comes a brand new day. My hats off to the Cherokee County Health Department.

Thank you Justin Mintz , Trevor Peterson, and Dot Wilkerson. The Cherokee County Health Department has a new atmosphere,



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