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Murphy NC

About the Town, of Murphy, NC, located in the Western North Carolina foothills!

Guest Writer- English Stone-HorseBack riding in the Georgia Mountains!

Agency Relationships in Real Estate in Murphy, North Carolina

Carshow at Brothers Restaurant in Murphy, NC. located in the Western North Carolina Mountains

Curb Appeal: Staging for Streetview

First Time Buyers Tax Credit

Stagin on a Budget

Can Color Cost You a Sale?

Kitchen and Bath Design Trends

10 Ways to Make Your House Greener

New Day at the Cherokee Co. Health Department, Murphy, NC.

A True American (in Murphy North Carolina)

Real Estate Investments- Beginning to End, Murphy NC

Restaurants in and around the Murphy, NC. area

Home Rehab Remodeling for Homes for Sale in Murphy, NC.

Appliance Longevity-Homes for sale in Murphy NC

Cherokee County Maps

For Sale By Owner

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